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University of Detroit Mercy Dissertation, Thesis, and Student Project Collections


The University of Detroit Mercy Libraries/Instructional Design Studio present these bachelors theses, masters theses, and doctoral dissertations as fulfillment of students' requirements for graduation. This set of collections also includes student projects, including capstones and other creative and academic student work. The documents reflect the research, analysis, creative interpretation, and writing of the respective students. The University of Detroit Mercy accepts these theses as the original work of each student without endorsement of any specific theories, themes, architecture structure or creative interpretation.

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Recent Submissions

  • Marotta, Anthony (2016-06-30)
    Over the last 15-20 years our major cities, and to a degree, our suburbs, have faced the closure and loss of many of their school buildings due to declining school-age population and other factors. These buildings serve ...
  • Mounteer, Stephen Reilly (2016-05-19)
    Objects of Architectural Potentials is less interested in the production of dynamic, fluid, complex shapes or forms, than it is in discovering dynamic, fluid, complex architectural, design processes. By reframing our ...
  • Sykes, Craig (2016-05-19)
    Detroit is no doubt going through a phase of vast development and growth. The amount of construction projects one will see when venturing into the city can be absolutely overwhelming. As the city continues to develop, land ...
  • Munday, Navkiran (2016-05-19)
    Planaria are free living flatworms that are known for their regenerative elasticity and ability to quickly regenerate body fragments. This is made possible by the totipotent neoblasts distributed throughout their body which ...
  • Medley, Matthew (2016-05-19)
    The exploration of materiality is a key part of this research, viewed from multiple perspectives. As Peter Zumthor wrote in his essay "A Way of Looking at Things," materials play a role in creation of an architectural ...

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