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If you are an Architecture student who needs help submitting your thesis to this collection, please review the submission guide [PDF], or contact the Library.

Recent Submissions

  • Makki, Mona R (2023-10-16)
    An estimated 103 million people were forcibly displaced by mid-2022, “as a result of persecution, conflict, violence, human rights violations or events seriously disturbing public order” (UNHCR, 2022). The traumatic life ...
  • Lavigne, Jack (2023-05-12)
    Manitou Miikana explores the potential of developing communal experiences as a means of addressing historical and tourist-related concerns within the Canadian rural landscape. The creation of these experiences also seeks ...
  • Klopp, John (2023-05-12)
    This thesis aims to address the challenges faced by informal settlements in Latin America due to the lack of open public space. The thesis proposes urbanized spaces that build a relationship with the street, providing ...
  • Mohammad, Hanen (2023-05-10)
    This thesis explores the living conditions in “temporary” settlements established in response to the Syrian conflict. Specifically, the study will focus on three camps to better understand the challenges and opportunities in ...
  • Unknown author (2023-05-09)
    Abstract Introduction: This thesis mainly explores the experience of second generation Filipinos here in the states and their experience of the home. Home and community are extremely important to Filipinos and are ...

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