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University of Detroit Mercy Dissertation, Thesis, and Student Project Collections


The University of Detroit Mercy Libraries/Instructional Design Studio present these bachelors theses, masters theses, and doctoral dissertations as fulfillment of students' requirements for graduation. This set of collections also includes student projects, including capstones and other creative and academic student work. The documents reflect the research, analysis, creative interpretation, and writing of the respective students. The University of Detroit Mercy accepts these theses as the original work of each student without endorsement of any specific theories, themes, architecture structure or creative interpretation.

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Recent Submissions

  • Islam, Farhana (2019-06-07)
  • Matthew, Lelli (2019-06-07)
    I will be researching the demographic transformation of our era, aging population. The research will investigate how the growing elderly population will cause an increased demand for senior living; and how to effectively ...
  • Arias-Hernandez, Juan (2019-06-05)
    The United States – Mexico Border is an (in)visible line of disruption and control. A scar of a past that has yet been able to heal. These (in)visible lines also create regions within the border communities that make up a ...
  • Schimpf, Madison (2019-06-05)
    This thesis explores community resiliency surrounding natural disasters in public spaces. Both landscape and built typologies play an important role in building resiliency however, shifting community mentalities are vital ...
  • Charrier, Raquel (2019-06-04)
    This thesis intends to interrogate the psychological realm of architecture that has been under examined in today’s world. Through the evolution of architecture there has always been questions on how to design; however, ...

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