How to Construct a Not-House

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Show simple item record Kowalski, Julia 2015-04-28T20:08:56Z 2015-04-28T20:08:56Z 2015-04-28
dc.description.abstract This thesis is an examination and interrogation of the architectural drawing and image. Not only does one learn by way of image, but much of architectural practice revolves around image and drawing. However, since much of architecture is never built, this thesis wonders how one could bridge the gap between an image and a lived experience. Can one dwell in an image? How much does one need to dwell? How does the reading of a code correlate to both the drawing and the experience? How to Construct a Not-House is a pursuit of the poetic image. Poetry, like architecture, is meant to be a lived experience, not simply on a page. In the way that one breathes through the rhythm of a poem, so too, architectural images should allow the reader to inhabit them. en_US
dc.subject architecture, thesis, image, dwell, poetry, drawing, how en_US
dc.title How to Construct a Not-House en_US
dc.type Book en_US

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